What Are The Top Advances In Orthopedic Surgery?


There have been technological advancements in the medical arena in the recent times. Orthopedic surgery niche has not been left behind in these developments. Top advances in orthopedic surgery have made it possible to have effective replacement and repair of such ligaments as fingers, ankles, elbows, arms, legs, and shoulders. Innovation in surgical practice has transformed orthopedics to become a reconstructive medical process.

Major Milestones on Orthopedic Surgery

Some of the top advances in orthopedic surgery include:

Laser Orthopedic Spine Surgerytg2e6dy72eu82i292

This is a minimally invasive surgery that is usually used in spine surgery. It helps to relieve pain and ensure the patient recover within a short time as compared to traditional spine surgery. Also, it helps to reduce infections that normally associated with other forms of invasive surgical procedures.

Robotic Surgery

Surgeons have been looking for consistent, effective and successful surgical processes. Some of the latest solutions that have helped to achieve successful surgeries are the robotic surgical options. The robots have been used to execute various complex surgical tasks more so in joint replacement procedures. The robots have been used to position accurately prosthetic joints. Also, the devices have been used to fit perfectly, restore and align joints making them function properly. Several post operations studies have confirmed that robotic surgery provides consistent implant joint replacement solutions.

Hip Replacement Implants

Latest hip replacement implants have proved to be of long term benefits besides being effective as compared to conventional hip replacements. Further orthopedic and laboratory analysis have also confirmed that the implants have a high safety margin. The principle objective of developing these new implants is to have more durable and reliable hip replacement solutions. These have been confirmed by the new hip implants have exhibited a marvelous success in the orthopedic medical industry. These hip replacement implants are suitable for patients of various age brackets as they can last more than 20 years.

New Fiber Optic Guide-Wire

This tool hasjmkmnwe6dt26wed72u22 made it possible for surgeons to be more accurate in spinal fusion and hip surgery. The device enhances safety during complex orthopedic procedures. Developed by the orthopedics clinicians from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem the device is highly efficient as it detects anomalies during orthopedic procedures. This new state of art orthopedic device enables the surgeons to make the right corrective measures and save on time and enhance efficiency.

Need for computer or digitalized orthopedic surgical devices and process is on the increase. Top advances in orthopedic surgery are meant to provide perfect solutions and minimize on surgical errors, promote both efficacy and safety more so in sophistic orthopedic surgical procedures.