The Common Side Effects Of Body Contouring


Body contouring refers to surgical procedures meant to reduce excess weight permanently in areas such as the thighs, neck, hips, buttocks, and the abdomen. Over the years, there have been increased cases of people performing the procedure despite the risks involved. Some of the most common side effects of body contouring include:

Common side effects of body contouring


Body contouring procedure causes some swellinjmknb23e5dr2t26edy72u28g associated with the surgery. Although the swelling goes away within a few weeks after the operation, there is the need to monitor the area that undergoes the surgery just in case the swelling is as a result of some serious complications. Despite the fact that treatment is available for excessive swelling, inflammation of the veins around the areas where the swelling occurs is a common occurrence irrespective of the fact that it goes away within a few weeks.


Another common side effect associated with body contouring is bruising. Areas that undergo the procedure are sensitive to touch because of the operation hence the high vulnerability to bruising. However, the bruises may disappear within a period of one month after they have occurred but in some instances may be portraying underlying complications from the procedures. Additionally, hyper-pigmentation of the skin where the procedures have been performed is common with some body contouring procedures.


In addition to the swelling and bruising, there is a lot of discomforts associated with body contouring in areas where the surgeries have been performed and also the surrounding areas. The patients are likely to experience soreness and tenderness that results to the discomfort that occurs after the procedures.

The risk of infection

Body contouring procedures increase the risks of infection in areas where the procedures are conducted. The patients who undergo body contouring procedures are highly exposed and may get infected by bacteria in the areas where the operations are performed. Such infections increase the risks of the patients and may result in more severe complications.

Multiple procedures to achieve the desired effects

Many patientg2e6dy72edu82i92i29ts who have undergone body contouring have had to undergo multiple procedures to achieve the effect you want. Many patients of body contouring stipulate that it was difficult to achieve the desired effect with the first procedure, hence the need to go for repeat procedures to ensure they achieve the required and most favorable results.

Extensive downtime with some procedures

Somebody contouring procedures require more time before a person can go back to their regular selves and perform their duties and responsibilities normally. Some patients who have undergone such procedures have reported that it took them a while before they could go back to their usual selves.