Anal bleaching – Know its pros and cons


Quite a number of women fear that their anus may look dirty due to the dark color around the area. This fear may even hinder them from having an intimate relationship. For this reason, they turn to anal bleaching as a solution.

Anal bleaching involves bleaching the dark pigmentation around the anus giving it a lighter skin tone which is similar to the skin type. This procedure started in the adult industry when the associated actors wanted to have a lighter skin tone around their anus to match the color of their bodies. However, today, it has gained a lot of popularity with different kind of people trying it.

Why the anus changes color

xdssdu6sdhjsaaDue to the natural aging process and hormonal changes, both men and women develop a dark skin tone in the private area. A dark color around the anus can also be caused by pregnancy because of the increase in melanin or as a result of wearing clothes which are too tight. People who would like to lighten the color of their anus turn to anal bleaching.

How anal bleaching is created

Melanin darkens the skin color to protect it from the sun. Hydroquinone, a chemical that is also used in hair dyes, image processing and rubber manufacturing and other chemicals prevent the skin from producing melanin thereby lightening skin color of the treated area.

Anal bleaching relieves the skin color temporarily but exposure to UV rays can re-oxidize the skin and create a darker color than it was in the past which is why one is cautioned against sunlight exposure after the treatment.

Pros and cons of anal bleaching

The main pro of anal bleaching is the fact that the treatment lightens the color around the anus making it match that of the rest of the body. This helps to raise the self-esteem of a person who feel embarrassed of the dark color and would love to do something about it.


However, similar to other cosmetic procedures, anal bleaching has its cons which outweigh its benefits.

  • First, the treatment may result in scarring, burning and irritation around the anus.
  • It may also result to strictures which make the anus opening smaller, inhibits bowel movement and can even tear the anal canal.
  • When performed in a spa that is not clean, you risk getting herpes in the anus or a severe bacterial infection.

Anal bleaching does not always lead to the desired results, there is a chance of total depigmentation that is, the area becomes totally white instead of matching the skin color or the area may become darker. It depends on how the skin reacts to the treatment.

gssa7sahjsaasasLastly, the dark pigmentation always comes back even after the treatment.

To avoid major complications, it is prudent to consult a doctor before taking this procedure.